0 Lady Sonia like to watch you wank

Lady Sonia like to watch you wank

I am just tidying up in the kitchen here but as we are all alone here and there is no one else around perhaps you can do me a little favour? It's been a little while now since I have had a stranger shoot a HUGE load of cum all over me and as it's quite obvious you are VERY interested in looking at me perhaps we can do ...

0 Husband friend has a crush

Husband friend has a crush

One of my husbands work colleagues calls around to my house while my husband is out in the hope of being able to get me into bed... I have seen him looking at me at meetings and parties and I can see that he is obviously interested in seeing me undressed but he really isn't my type... He looks like he would be FAR ...

1 Hubby wants me to be happy

Hubby wants me to be happy

We have had an open marriage for over thirty years now and just because I want to fuck a young guy that my husband doesn't like really isn't going to stop me! There has been a bit of a feud ever since the young builder parked in our driveway and when my husband asked him to move his car he swore at my husband, called ...

0 In the Bath to teach you

In the Bath to teach you

When my husband has business colleagues visiting or when we have guys working at the house I never lock the bathroom door when I take a bath just in case anyone needs to come in... For whatever reason... Anyway, now you are here why don't you close the door and watch me soap my big 34 “G” cup tits and hard nipples ...

0 Masturbating and being watched

Masturbating and being watched

I have no idea that I am being watched when I get back from my shopping trip! As I go into the bedroom I leave the door open not knowing that I am not alone and I have no idea that he is watching me as I open my blouse to expose my 34 “F” cup tits and start to squeeze and pull at my HUGE nipples! Then as I take off my ...

0 My vibrator is good!

My vibrator is good!

Often when I masturbate I lay a large bolster pillow on the bed and then rest my high powered Hitachi vibrator on it so that I can strip off and lay down over it and ride it hard to a VERY powerful orgasm... In this video I take off my skirt and blouse so that I am just wearing a quarter cup bra, fully fashioned ...

0 Take out your cock and jerkoff

Take out your cock and jerkoff

Hi, I'm Sonia, I am married, and today I am going to help you to cum... Would you like that? Why don't you come a little closer so that I can unzip you... I can see the HUGE bulge in your trousers and I want to see just how big you really are. Look, why don't I take off my skirt so that you can see my fully fashioned ...

0 Housewife plays her her dildo

Housewife plays her her dildo

Fully fashioned nylons and high heels and I start off this video by spreading my bottom cheeks WIDE to show you EVERYTHING in FULL close-up! Next I show you the brand new cock-shaped dildo that my husband bought me and I thought it would be fun if I tried it for the very first time on video so that you can watch... ...

0 I am a mistress

I am a mistress

I shot with a new photographer today and he was much younger than my usual photographer and I found it a HUGE turn-on to undress for him and pose EXACTLY how he wanted... I could see him looking at me as I undressed and showed myself off naked to him and then when I opened my long legs WIDE I thought his eyes were ...

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